Dear Lobsang Dhondup-la,

Tashi Deleg, Thank you very much for your help and Mr. Tsering Pempa-la. He help for my papa very well and i really appriciate for that your Sangey menla Guest house. it's very useful for every people and specially Tibetan. So, I really proud of you guys and be carry on and Never Give up. such a wonderful young Tibetan people live and helping for difficult situation time. I really thank full and Long live His holiness the 14th Dalai lama and much improved your charity SANGEY MENLA. Lobsang dhondup-la, I think you are from KADORGANGSUM ? Your friend Tsering pempa is needed guy and I just recomment to you. He is very hamble and simple way of talk is very charming and very helpful boy. I love for that. Thuchenang.

Your's sincerely,

My name is Matt Arnold, from Melbourne Australia, and I'm writing to express the appreciation and respect I have for the work done by Sangye-Menla Patients Charitable Trust.

On the 28th September 08 while travelling in India I was badly bitten by a rabid dog while walking early one morning on the outskirts of the village of Mcleod Ganj. The wounds were cleaned and I was given the basic treatment that was available, but I was told that, because of the depth of the bites and because I had bites on the face I needed to find anti-rabies immunoglobulin and have it administered as soon as possible. After many hours going from one pharmacy to another in the local town I returned to the hospital.

There I was told by the staff that they had made enquires and learned that the nearest reliable supply of the medicine was likely to be in Chandigarh, a city approximately 8 hours away by car. By this stage two more patients, two Tibetan monks who had also been out walking early and encountered the dog, had also presented for treatment and required the medicine. The hospital staff arranged a taxi for us along with an attendant, a very switched on local Tibetan guy by the name of Wangdue.

They then contacted Lobsang at Sangye-Menla Trust to request them to help us to find the medicine and to ensure we received the correct treatment on our arrival at the hospital in Chandigarh. Many stressful hours later we were met at the hospital by Lobsang. He had tirelessly gone from one pharmacy to the next to find the medicine and he then made sure that all aspects of our treatment were handled thoroughly and efficiently. He was able to communicate genuine concern and compassion and to demonstrate his knowledge of how best to work with the complex, overloaded hospital system in a way that gave me much confidence and calmed my worries at that time.

We stayed at Sange Menla's outpatient clinic/hostel that night and I learned about some of the work they were doing to assist people coming to them in need of medical treatment. A few weeks later I visited again and have been in touch via email and phone periodically since then. I was personally touched by their heartfelt dedication to patients treatment, by their competence, good humour and vision. I hope that the work they do for the benefit of others is recognized and acknowledged by those they come into contact with and by the wider global community. I encourage any one who is interested and able to assist Sangye-Menla Charitable Trust to do so.

Yours Truly
Matthew Arnold



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